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Whether you’re a young Padawan or a skilled Jedi Master, there is something fun for you to enjoy on our Star Wars coloring pages. Star Wars was created over thirty years ago, yet is every bit as beloved today as it was decades ago. Thankfully, sweeping tales of good versus evil, galactic exploration, and powerful leading characters who artfully wield fantastic weaponry are things that won’t be going out of favor any time soon! Besides providing great entertainment, these beloved characters and themes can also serve as opportunities to teach and engage with your young ones.

Why not use Star Wars as the basis for a chat about outer space? Print out one of these coloring pages that shows stars, and get to gabbing! You can talk about the sun, the moon, the planets, the stars, and all the other types of things that exist in space. Who knows, maybe the Millennium Falcon is even cruising out there somewhere!

The Star Wars characters themselves can also teach your child a great deal. Wise old Yoda is famous for the way he rearranges sentence structure. Talk about how you would place the words to make his sentence grammatically sound! Darth Vader is a scary figure cloaked in black. You can use him to talk about the importance of being a good role model for peers, rather than breaking rules and hurting others’ feelings. And of course Luke Skywalker is a great hero. Encourage your little one dress up in a Jedi robe or even his bath robe and make believe he’s saving the universe. If nothing else, they’ll be tuckered out and ready for bed after an evening full of coloring and fantasy light saber battles.

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