Free Printable Coloring Pages Halloween Coloring Pages

Boo! (That’s ghost speak for hello.) If you’ve made it to this page, chances are you love Halloween just as much as we do. Why do we love it so much? Because it’s one of the best holidays for letting the imaginations of your little ghouls and boys run wild! From Halloween crafts like pumpkin carving and coloring, to dressing in costume and trick-or treating, there are loads of engaging seasonal activities and halloween coloring pages for you and your little one to partake in.

Wearing various children’s costumes on Halloween is a great way for your wee ones to explore imaginative role-playing. Whether they dress as a fairy princess, a scary ghost, a heroic superhero, or a magical wizard, encourage them to explore various mannerisms and vocabulary. They’ll definitely enjoy getting into character! As a bonus, trick-or-treating is the perfect setting for practicing good manners. Be sure to remind them to say thank you at each house they visit.

Crafting is another creative Halloween outlet for your child if you’re prepared to get a bit messy. Set up a pumpkin carving station for them in the garage or at the kitchen table with plenty of newspaper laid down as a barrier, and supervise as they use small carving tools to cut various shapes and faces into their jack-o-lanterns. Of course, coloring is a far less goopy project that’s just as fun! Print off some of these fun pages like spooky haunted houses and playful pumpkins, and color you way to a festive Halloween holiday!