Free Printable Coloring Pages DOT To DOT Coloring Pages

Kick start your child’s cognitive development with these free downloads! Every child loves to color and they also love the excitement of dot-to–dots drawings. What if the dot-to-dots were educational and helped to reinforce valuable lessons that they needed for school? The ColorMy method has been proven to help kids learn faster. Now you can see for yourself with these easily downloadable pages.

First, Alphabet Connect Dots can help to reinforce lessons that you yourself have taught your child. This free download combines the fun of a challenging dot–to-dot with the educational aspects of the ColorMy system. You’ve never seen your child want to learn like this before!

The Connect Dots pages help to combine two fun and essential skills in one: coloring and counting. The beloved Cheekie the Puppy gives your child basic instruction on what to do and the rest is a fun-filled adventure that your child will love. If you love the interactive and educational fun of the ColorMy method, there are complete books you can purchase that will increase the fun and education even more.

No other educational method can match the ColorMy method. Discover the fun today and give your child the instructional boost they deserve.