Free Printable Coloring Pages Patterns Coloring Pages

The ColorMy method can help prepare your child for SAT-style questions before they even reach kindergarten! With this free downloadable page, your child can take on the exciting world of patterns, colors and more, while they laugh, play and have the time of their life! Only the ColorMy method manages to seamlessly integrate essential lessons that your child needs to get ahead in school before they enroll. This system uses a fascinating combination of bright, friendly colors, easy to recognize shapes, and the delightful Cheekie the Puppy to help your child learn advanced and complex pattern recognition skills. Your child is going to color, anyway, so why not kick-start their cognitive development at the same time? Only the ColorMy method can do this for your child.

Pattern recognition is a skill that children use on a consistent basis throughout their childhood and it is a staple of standardized tests, as well. Having fun and entertaining material based on the ColorMy method can give your child an incredible boost mentally that translates to better classroom performance. Give your child the ultimate gift of knowledge, perception, and a thirst for learning with the ColorMy method and Cheekie the Puppy.