Free Printable Coloring Pages Disney Minnie Coloring Sheets

Bring one of Disney’s most classic characters right into your home with our Minnie Mouse Coloring pages. These pages provide the perfect way to bond with your daughter and have a fun-filled afternoon. Print off a few sheets, and get ready for some serious girl talk. Oh, and don’t be afraid to be “goofy!”

Minnie Mouse is quite the lady. In celebration, why not channel her elegance with a mommy and me tea party. Wear a Minnie Mouse costume complete with dainty white gloves, and don’t forget: polka dots, polka dots, polka dots! Well, of course you need Minnie’s classic oversize bow as well.  I’m sure her friends would love to get in on the action as well. Invite them over, and offer a few goodie bags with coloring pages and crayon sets!

You know what another great way to encourage imaginative play with your youngster is? Use these coloring pages to put together a fashion show for Minnie. Count how many different outfits she has. This activity is perfect for a budding fashionista who loves to play dress up just like Minnie! This little miss mouse has so many outfits, how many outfits can your daughter color for her? Which ones would she like to wear herself? Get to coloring and you’ll soon find out!

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