Free Printable Coloring Pages Math Fun

Getting a child to become interested in learning can seem like a difficult task. However, if you know a few tricks of the trade it can be simpler than you might imagine. From educational coloring tricks to chores made creatively fun, here are a few of our favorite sneaky ways to bring learning into everyday life without your child even knowing it.

Educational Coloring Made Simple
All children love coloring and moms love that coloring is pleasantly inexpensive. After your child finishes a picture, have them count all of the pink items, then all the blue. It is a fun and sneaky way to bring learning into an everyday activity.

*Helpful Hint: Little one drawn up her last coloring book? Visit us at for free coloring pages for fun time . . . anytime!

Chores that Count
Make chores count with this fun alternative to boring tidying up. Place a toy bin in the center of the room and have your child toss their toys into the bin, counting as they go along. It’s the perfect way to teach your child the joys of learning all while making chores a bit more fun.

*Helpful Hint: This game also does wonders for little ones trying to learn their ABC’s. Simply call out a letter and have your child put away every toy that begins with that letter, calling out the names as they go along.

While learning blossoms at school age, it begins at home. You set the bar for your child’s love of education. If you get excited about his discovery that soap and water make bubbles, he will too. That’s the key to instilling a lifelong love of learning . . . excitement.


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