Barbie Princess Coloring Sheets Free Printable Coloring Pages
Barbie Princess Coloring Pages

Is your little girl a Barbie girl in a Barbie world? If your little princess is love with the queen of pink, then printing off a few of these coloring pages will delight her!

You know what Barbie loves more than almost anything else? Playing dress up! Why not throw a costume tea party for your youngster and her friends? It’s a great way to practice etiquette and manners in a fun and relaxed environment. Just be sure to have lots of tea, sweets, and treats on hand. For even more fun, make it an English tea party and have everyone practice their accents! As an added take home surprise, make a few gift bags complete with a few of our Barbie coloring pages and a pack of mini crayons.

Barbie is one of the few women we know who is able to successfully change her career path without fail. Use Barbie’s career making skills to encourage imaginative play with your daughter. Together, make up a few dream careers and play dress up. She can even play boss for a day in your home office. Sorry mom and dad, she’s in charge! Of course work includes coloring three of Barbie Coloring Pages by five pm sharp!