Free Printable Coloring Pages Batman Coloring Pages

Look! It’s the bat signal, beckoning you to print out a couple of our Batman coloring pages. If you’ve made your way here, changes are someone you know can’t get enough of this Caped Crusader!  Engage their love of this hero by setting up an afternoon of coloring. There are few activities to encourage and enhance creative expression that are simpler than coloring.

To a young mind, anything is possible. So with a big of encouragement, your young ones can be persuaded to create their own Batman comics! Tape or glue a couple of these fun coloring pages together for your own custom comic strip. Be sure and use bright colors so it’ll really jump off the page- Kapow! Continue the day of fun by dressing in superhero costumes.  You can either use a ready-made look, or simply attach a pillow case to the back of your tyke’s shirt and get to flying! For added fun, pair up with your little one and become a crime fighting duo.  Together you can learn catch-phrases and talk about your strengths and weaknesses. The best part is you don’t need bats or powers to transform- all you’ll need is a bit of imagination!

You may be tuckered out after all that play time, so feel free to unwind with a couple of Batman coloring pages. The fate of Gotham city can wait a couple of hours!