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What inspired Guy Colwell to start doing colouring pages a couple of years ago was a child in his life who loved to colour. He thought most of the colouring books available were either very commercial cartoons or, worse, showed extremely poor artistic merit. He therefore wanted to do a few pages that would be well drawn, educational and a little more challenging than what he’d been seeing.

Colwell drew on his love of nature and knowledge of zoology to do some pictures of the animals he considered amazing. Some of the inspiration came from direct observation of wild animals in nature and from work in zoos as a docent. Colwell had done many wilderness hiking trips, even one 3000 mile trek across the U.S., journeys around Europe with a backpack and several visits to Northern and Southern Africa. Not a few of these animals he studied and sketched in the wild.

He loved making these drawings so much that soon a “few” pages turned into a hundred pages then two hundred pages. As long as he could see any children enjoying them, he was inspired to do more and more. He expects to be closing in on three hundred pages soon with the added inspiration of publication by ECP Publishing.