Free Printable Coloring Pages Arts and Crafts

Ah, the dreaded road trip . . . seems as though I Spy can only keep them occupied for so long. From the grocery store to over the river and through the woods, here are a few of our favorite arts and crafts for fun on the run . . . before you “spy” a tantrum!

The Doodle Master
Coloring on the road is a great way to keep little ones occupied but sometimes one common problem can stand in the way of mom’s own peace and quiet. Rough and tumble highways and curvy roads can lead to single pages slipping to the floor. Conquer this mommy mishap by taking an old colored up notebook and taping each loose printed coloring page to create a coloring book. Not only do you save money on coloring books, you are also recycling in the process!
Need a few educational coloring pages for the journey? Here are a few of our favorites for arts and crafts on the go-go-go!

For the Gaming Go-Go-Goers
What’s the downside of that Game Boy or Nintendo DS? Those grumpy little attitudes that come with a challenging level can leave little ones in tears. Kids, especially those under the age of six, become easily aggravated . . . especially on the road. Avoid the mid-journey “Grrrrs!” with Crayola Treasure Adventures. It’s a game without the grumpies and arts and crafts without the mess!
Remember, every adventure bound mama should have an extra trick up her sleeve. Here are a few of our favorite educational coloring pages for the little gamer in your life. Did we mention they’re free?

Remember the rules of the road . . . a stressed mommy equals a stressed kid. Stress is contagious, isn’t it? Keep your cool on the journey and it’s bound to catch on and if you need any help along the way we’re here to help.