Free Printable Coloring Pages Fun Activities

Rainy day on your corner of the world? We have got a day filled with activities to keep the rainy day at bay. Need a moment’s peace? We have plenty of fun do-alone activities that will help you gain back your last nerve. We even have on the run fun for keeping those “are we there yet’s” to a minimum on the way to grandma’s.

Doodle Delights
Delight your little one with educational coloring pages that will feed his need for fun and your love for learning. To make doodling even more delightful, set up a mini art gallery on your refrigerator and let him play Picasso. Use your coin drawer to offer pennies, dimes and quarters for his masterpieces. It will help teach him about money and he won’t even know it!

Dalmatian Movie Madness
Create a day at the movies with little more than a few sheets, a 101 Dalmatians DVD and a bowl of popcorn. Simply drape a sheet from your curtain rods to dim the room just like at the movies. Then, make your snack extra special with our Polka Dot Popcorn. Simply mix a bag of chocolate chips into unbuttered popcorn for the perfect pup-tacular snack. For extra fun, have your little one line up all his stuffed doggies on the sofa to watch along.
* This idea is perfect for little ones who get spooked from rumbles of thunder as a movie can drown out the sound of wind and rain. If you need a little extra distraction, print a few of our educational coloring pages for extra rainy day fun.

Prehistoric Party
Put last year’s plastic Easter eggs to good use for a day filled with fun activities. Taking mini plastic dinosaurs, fill the eggs and hide them throughout the house. Then, send your little one on a dino excavation! Once the hunt is over, keep the fun going with a few of our educational coloring pages centered on his favorite dinosaur characters. Finish the day off with a dino-myte dinner such as Mastodon Macaroni and Tyrannosaurus Tater Tots.

We hope you’ll like what you see. Check out our favorite Doodles for Their Noodles. They are our best of the best for coloring fun made simple.

52 Creative Ideas for 52 Weeks of Fun from Crayola


(Click the picture to print out a full list of 52 Creative Ideas from Crayola)
‘Raising a child. It is not a science. It’s an art.
A mysteriously delicate balance between holding tight
and letting go. Building structure and removing obstacles.
Unwavering standards and unconditional love.
By parents. By teachers.
By anyone who has ever given a child the tools they need to create character with.
To create confidence with. To create dreams with. To create their masterpiece with: themselves.
That’s the Art of Childhood.’
Quote from Crayola – We love Crayola!