Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

There are a few valentine’s day coloring pages from Freckle Box, – the cool part is, you can personalize these pages to your kids’ names.

valentine's day loving zebra colouring pages




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  1. thanks sooo much, the kids love them, and best of all they gave the pages to people they love! :)

  2. that’s so cute. my kids very love them. thank you so much! :d

  3. Coloring pages are not just for kids. My 93-year-old Aunt, who has dementia, poor hearing, and failing eyesight, enjoys coloring to pass the time and give her purpose. Sometimes she uses colored pencils. But she, and those like her, needs pictures with few details, medium to large areas, and pretty subjects like flowers and houses etc. as opposed to children cartoons.

    Can you make more of this type of picture, or send me to a link that will help the thousands of adults that needed this stimulation?

    Coloring’s not just “kids’ stuff.”

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