Top Six Birthday Party Ideas

Choosing the right theme for your child’s next birthday party can be tough. After all, missing out on the right theme may mean one unhappy kid as well as a frustrating party experience. This list, though, may help you find the perfect theme for your child.

6. Dinosaurs

Dinos rock, and it’s not hard to see why. These prehistoric beasts have fascinated kids for years, and they make one of the best possible party themes. Be sure to include as many exciting elements as you can when you put this theme together. Consider printing bone-shaped invitations on cardstock. You may even want to put a fun twist on traditional party games. Pin the spike on the stegosaurus could be fun with kids aged three to seven. You can even make the party area look a bit like a jungle.

5. Circus Party

Kids have been in love with circuses for generations, and this is one of the easiest party ideas to put together. There are a number of creative things you can do with the invitations. Creating your own that look like a Big Top or circus billboard is one good option. Balloons are a natural decoration for this theme, and they’re fairly inexpensive as well. Even snacks are easy with this theme. Popcorn is a great, inexpensive choice, and if you want to spend a few extra bucks, rent a cotton candy machine for the afternoon.

4. Tropical Paradise Party

Whether you want to go as far as a miniature luau party or you just want to stick with the tropical theme, this is a fun one, especially for older children. It’s even more exciting if you have it at an unexpected time of year, like in the midst of winter. Go with a dress code with this party and make sure Hawaiian shirts are the suit of the day. A cake in the shape of a surfboard is a good food choice, and appetizers are as simple as fruit chunks and skewers.

3. Safari Party

Going on Safari is an exciting idea for kids ages three to five, and it’s a fairly inexpensive party idea to accomplish. Use lots of jungle themes to decorate, and be sure to include games in your party. Simple scavenger hunts and fun crafts like animal masks are ideal for this setting. Don’t forget to serve ‘authentic’ food like animal crackers and trail mix.

2. Superheroes Party

Batman and Spiderman may have a corner on the market, but having a generic superhero party is far more fun that just stocking up on one superhero’s merchandise. If your child is like most, it’s hard to pick a favorite, so try to mix it up a bit. Create a superhero training obstacle course to keep those little guys busy, and don’t forget to let the little ones wear their costumes to the party.

1. Princess Party

There are few little girls in the world who don’t want to be a princess, and to create the perfect setting, beautiful invitations, homemade crowns, and royal decorations are the order of the day. You may even want to have high tea instead of the traditional cake and ice cream.


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