Tangled Coloring Pages


  1. Good layout contents

  2. I like the coloring pages you included of tangled. I found some more….

  3. Hi,
    I wish you’d include a “print all” button to make it easier to print all of the pages in a series. Clicking on them one by one and sending them to the printer is tedious.


    • Yes, it’s a bit time wasting, that’s why we have compiled all the coloring pages one page – please check your email for some good news…!

  4. Joanna Mercer says:

    What a blessing this is to me, My husband and I do foster care and we have a little girl that is really slow and she is starting to learn she has to learn her numbers from 1 to 20, I am so excited thank you and my four other children are enjoying the color pages. I would just like to say THANK YOU so very much. I appreciate this more than you know Joanna Mercer

  5. This is the answer to my common problem…kids are pleasing me to play with them while doing my thesis! now I negotiate to print pretty coloring book and give me time to write my book….combining the career oriented and loving mom at the same time is easily made possible! THANK YOU!

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