Blue Hat, Green Hat – Learn Colors with Books!

Teaching your child colors can be much more exciting than just showing them colored cards or crayons. Try one or more of these fun books that teach colors with interesting characters and stories!

Blue Hat, Green Hat,

by Sandra Boynton, is silly fun. Each animal introduces a piece of clothing in a color, but the turkey seems to always wear his clothing somewhat differently… Get ready to giggle!

This book has even been adapted as an app in the iTunes store so kids can interact with the characters and animated some of the characters. The app even sports highlighting to help beginning readers.

A Color of His Own,

by Leo Lionni, introduces a chameleon who is sad because he has no special color that is his very own. When he decides to try to stay one color forever, he meets another chameleon and finds that friendship is much more important than being one color.

The message that who you are inside is more important than appearance is great for discussion.

Mouse Paint,

by Ellen Stoll Walsh, is the story of three white mice who find pots of red, blue, and yellow pain. This story introduces the concept of creating secondary colors by mixing primary colors.

After reading the book, grab some crayons and paint and have your kids recreate the colors the mice made for a great hands-on learning activity.

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