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Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

valentine's day loving zebra colouring pages

There are a few valentine’s day coloring pages from Freckle Box, – the cool part is, you can personalize these pages to your kids’ names.        

Kids Coloring Books


  Princess Kingdom Coloring Book- $6.95A truly unique party favor, the Princess Kingdom Coloring Book will delight and entertain children for hours. Kids love to see and color their name on every page.   Princess Personalized Coloring Book- $6.95Our personalized Princess Coloring Book will entertain and delight your little princess with its variety of fun [...]

The Cat in the Hat


The cat in the hat With its colourful illustrations and the rapid-fire rhyming text, this Dr Seuss’s classic is fun to read with your children in a rainy day! One cold, rainy , boring day, a busy mum leaves here kids at home with an unreliable sitter. Out of the blue a mysterious cat who [...]

Kids Coloring Book Collection from ECP


Educational fun kids coloring pages and preschool skills worksheets Save and open PDF format files:Right Click the link ( picture or text) “Save Target As “ to your computer.You need Adobe Reader to open the file; or your web browser will opent it automatically. Free Download Children’s Coloring Pages for girls Tinkerbell coloring sheets Barbie [...]

Ideas for Christmas Baking with Your Kids

christmas baking

Christmas is an ideal time for spending some time baking with your children. Not only will it provide you with an opportunity to spend time together, but it will also help you make some inexpensive Christmas gifts. Christmas tree brownies are a fabulous and easy treat to make with your children. To complete this project [...]

Smurfs Coloring Pages


Top Eleven Super Foods for happy kids and you


I was reading about the importance of  balanced meals made with fresh foods for happy and healthy children( it applies to adults too!). We need to lessen/eliminate artificial /sweet/ packaged food,  it’s not suprising to see how a child can become a demon just from something like red food coloring in a food. A Special Report on the beneficial [...]

Top Tips for raising happy children


This is an article shared by Matt Barnes , lovingfather of  two toddlers, who enjoys the dynamics of child rearing and the challenges it brings! These are my top three tips for dealing with a mis-behaving and difficult child. By using these tips, you will eliminate the frustration and many challenges a mis-behaving child presents us [...]