Tips for Reading to Preschoolers

Family reading

Snuggle with your child with her favorite blanket or toys as you read. Read with expression using different voices for different characters. Emphasize rhythms and rhymes in stories. Give your toddler opportunities to repeat rhyming phrases. Encourage your child to repeat what you say or comment on it. Encourage your child to ask questions. Provide […]

Top Six Birthday Party Ideas


Choosing the right theme for your child’s next birthday party can be tough. After all, missing out on the right theme may mean one unhappy kid as well as a frustrating party experience. This list, though, may help you find the perfect theme for your child. 6. Dinosaurs Dinos rock, and it’s not hard to […]

A geat website for kids 2-7 years old

An EXCELLENT site for kids 2 – 7 years old from preschool to kindergarten..They will love this fun and safe website … There are games and activities as well as pintables. Parents can set up free accounts and a unique reward system! Highly recommended, five stars***** Early Learning Academy provides parents and […]

Blue Hat, Green Hat – Learn Colors with Books!


Teaching your child colors can be much more exciting than just showing them colored cards or crayons. Try one or more of these fun books that teach colors with interesting characters and stories! Blue Hat, Green Hat, by Sandra Boynton, is silly fun. Each animal introduces a piece of clothing in a color, but the […]

10 Things not to say to kids


Ten things not to say to kids We’ve all been there, mindlessly blurting out words in anger or frustration at our kids. While many things seem relatively harmless, kids are like sponges, soaking up all those underlying messages in what we’re saying. So be aware of the effect your words have on your child’s emotional […]

Kung Fu Panda DVD

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Kung Fu Panda 2 Coloring Pages