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Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Kids

If you have a little one with a special day coming up, read on to find a few of our favorite gift ideas sure to give your special someone something to smile about.

The Doodle Delight
Give the gift of creativity with our Doodle Delight gift basket. You will need a box of crayons, markers, stickers and all kinds of creative goodies. Then, print out a few of our educational coloring pages for extra fun. Find a Rubbermaid container that perfectly holds all the goodies but still leaves room for her creative loot to grow. It’s an instant gift that comes with an instant clean up!

Movie Madness Magic
One of our favorite gift ideas, this Movie Madness idea is sure to please the little film fanatic in your household. Simply pick up a DVD of your choice and center the theme on your choice. We chose 101 Dalmatians, picked up a sweet little Dalmatian plush and filled our basket with popcorn and chocolate chips – perfect for making our Polka Dot Popcorn. Last but not least, finish off your basket with a few of our 101 Dalmatian educational coloring pages and crayons for a gift that is sure to get two thumbs up!

The best gift ideas are centered on something the child adores. Use your imagination! If you can’t afford a basket filled with Batman toys, simply add one Batman item and build around the theme. Paint a simple basket with black and yellow; add a few of our Batman educational coloring pages (they’re free) and other items that match the colors of your theme. It comes across as a big gift without spending big!

For more great gift ideas, advice on parenting, educational coloring pages and more, visit, you’re one stop shop for all things fun and family.

Personalised Gifts Ideas

Hannah Montana Ultimate Box
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